The 2-Minute Rule for Standards And Packaging Guidelines

/choose and its linked directories (/and so on/decide and /var/decide) is reserved for the usage of distributors from the FHS. We now have reserved the fedora identify with LANANA for our use. If a package installs documents into /opt it may well only use directories while in the /decide/fedora hierarchy.

It's the packager's obligation to follow these guidelines as intently as is possible and to clearly document, as opinions during the package specfile, cases where they cannot be adopted.

Fedora works by using gcc as being the compiler (for all languages that gcc supports). Deals could only Construct with an alternative compiler to gcc if upstream isn't going to assist gcc.

BuildRequires: qt-devel Should you have several enough locale files that they can all go into one particular bundle, You should use the %find_lang macro. (If you have to break up your package deal into independent language packs, you should begin to see the langpack guidelines.) This macro will Find most of the them belonging to your bundle (by name), and put this listing within a file.

There are many noteworthy disadvantages to enabling PIE that ought to be considered in generating the decision:

Into the extent possible, the label needs to be placed in this kind of fashion that in the event the pack is broken aside, the label is discarded (by way of example, cling the Grasp Label from banding or connect to stretch wrap).

Should the package deal won't already include things like and put in its own .desktop file, you'll want to make your own. You are able to do this by which include a .

Fedora's RPM includes a %makeinstall macro nevertheless it need to NOT be used when make set up DESTDIR=% buildroot will work. %makeinstall can be a kludge that will operate with Makefiles that do not use the DESTDIR variable but it really has the following likely difficulties:

The guidelines also to some extent cover deals for EPEL, but only when coupled with the EPEL packaging guidelines. Fedora packaging modifications far more promptly than EPEL packaging, so as time passes these guidelines will drift further more clear of any certain EPEL launch and for that older supported EPEL release the discrepancies could be rather major.

Strapping and taping have to not obstruct the label. Some products contain the label attached by means of a twist tie. It is necessary that the label be obvious exactly where it can be attached.

Logrotate config files need to be named in a way that matches the daemon/software which is making the logs, which is generally (even though not often) the identical name as the deal.

Footwear, despite content, should be packaged with no shoe content exposed, possibly in shoe boxes or bagged in a poly bag which has a suffocation warning.

Packages that happen to be higher than 35 lbs. in body weight boost the danger of personal injury If they're manually taken care of. These packages must be designed in such a way that they're going to improve mechanical motion and discourage any handbook handling.

Whilst you need to do have to increase specific library dependencies to keep this from transpiring, you'll find disadvantages to manually specifying this in your offers. Historical past has shown that this sort of dependencies advice include confusion when library/information are moved from just one package deal to a different, when offers get renamed, when a single out of various alternative deals would suffice, and when versioned specific dependencies grow to be out-of-date and inaccurate.

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